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Discover Learning Center -
Infants Daycare (6 Weeks to 1 Year)

Our Infant Center has been designed for maximum efficiency, security and safety. Toys are
sterilized daily and changing tables are sterilized after each diaper is changed. Every adult must
sanitize their hands before entering our infant area. Changing tables face out so that caregivers
never have their back to the babies. In a warm and nurturing environment, our babies are
cuddled, rocked and played with by carefully chosen caregivers.

Discover Learning Center respects the mother's need to nurse therefore a comfortable, clean private area on the center premises is available as needed.

Play is based on exploration, stimulation and the senses. Music plays a big part in this adorable program.

Caring for infants is a tremendous responsibility. We take that responsibility very serious. We
have spent years developing an infant program that is well thought out. Every detail has been
meticulously planned from the design of the Infant Center to the selection of equipment, toys,
curriculum and activities to the screening and training of infant caregivers. Parents can rely
on our loving, dedicated staff of infant caregivers, chosen for their warmth and affectionate
personalities. Music, including classical, is played in the Infant Center daily. Recent studies
have shown the enhanced effect of music on babies. They say music unlocks the creative
spirit and strengthens the mind (The Mozart Effect). The Infant room is packed with toys and
equipment similar to the toys and equipment you have at home for your baby.

Discover Learning Center will guide and care for your baby in ways such as:

Our accredited Discover Learning Center infant daycare program also abides by state-mandated teacher-to-child ratios. And, you will receive a log of your child's feeding, sleeping, diapering and learning activities every day, so you can be confident your baby will experience a nurturing and calming environment, focused on developing positive and trusting relationships.